9 to 5

From 9 to 5 to Dream Career
by Marguerite Baca

Marguerite Baca

Reprint Permission – Que Linda

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power,
and magic in it.


We all have a flame in our hearts, a dream of fulfillment, that can feel so overvwhelmingly big, it is easy to think, “Who am I to do that? Little ol’ me?” Challenge yourself to the adventure. The question to ask is, “Why not me?” Your potential is much greater than you think. Imagine your Creator asking, “Who am I to think I can create these magnificent creatures called humans, let alone an entire universe?” Well, you are here and you are magnificent. Why not dream big? Here are ways to help you feel big enough for your dream.

DEFINING SUCCESS – While power, titles, and money can be very seductive they do not guarantee happiness. Defining success for yourself requires deep soul searching and will vary dramatically from one person to another. Including character and integrity in your definition is imperative to happiness. Knowing that you can be counted on, that your actions match your words will help you to develop trust and belief in yourself. When you compromise your standards you scatter your energy. Be genuine. A good reputation will follow and you will feel good about yourself. As others sense or hear about your reliability they will be more eager to offer you opportunity.

Let us be silent that we may hear the whispers of God.

CHOOSING A DIRECTION – Gradually increase your quiet prayer and meditation time. Ask for guidance from within. Just as you might stand ready to help a child or sibling there are heavenly influences standing by to help you. Listen to their whispers of inspiration. The universe seems to magically fuel those dreams that are filled with love and a desire to serve others.

When an idea bubbles up from your soul write it down in a special journal. Check your dreams against your personality. Now is the time to let your choice be born out of your needs and deepest values. If you are a gregarious, social type, working alone in a research lab will eventually grate on you. If you know you are happiest in solitary activities, trying to be a high-powered sales person will lead to failure.

TAKING THE FIRST STEP – Once you have explored a new idea in your mind, explore the library. This resource offers you a wealth of information and costs you nothing but initiative. Research your subject. Look into workshops, community classes, college or certification programs. Seek role models either in books or in people who have achieved success in your field of interest. Take notes. Remember, manana never comes. Begin now by making small changes in your routine that bring you fulfillment.

We deny the power of weakness to hold us back, be it the weakness of the world or the weakness of our past. We are on to better things, such as owning our beauty and honoring the courage it has taken us to get here… Don’t stop now. Keep going. The next time someone makes you feel as though, winning as you are, perhaps you’re getting too big for your britches, say to them silently, `I haven’t even started yet`.
—Marianne Williamson

PRACTICE BEING QUIETLY EFFECTIVE – This may be the hardest part. Us girls love to chit chat. Callarse. Talking takes energy and your energy will best be used taking action. Resist the temptation to trumpet your new attitude, dreams, and ideas to the world. If you don’t, you will find yourself bombarded by opinions, possibly negative, especially from people who have no experience or success in what you want to do.

You can tell when you have true faith by the pleasure you take in seeing others successful and prosperous in their own ways.
—Emma C. Hokpins

We have all heard the phrase “It’s lonely at the top”. Unfortunately it’s true that some people feel uncomfortable around anyone who is reaching for broader horizons. They may even envy you. Disregard it. Just as the innate nature of trees moves them toward the warmth of the sun so will you flourish by surrounding yourself by warm people. Keep moving forward and trust that you will be a positive role model for those who admire you.

SHARING THE CREDIT – Even if you are filled with initiative and inspiration it is important to express gratitude for the encouragement you receive from others. The rhythm of success is short-circuited when your ego gets so big that you cannot hear when opportunity knocks. Strike a balance between the humility of being guided and the confidence of knowing you are capable. This way you are more likely to preserve an open mind and your relationships. Even a mentor needs to feel appreciated and will offer continued support when knowing their guidance has contributed to your progress.

MAKING A LIVING MEANWHILE – In order to be responsible, fulfill your obligations, and pay your bills during the transition from job to dream you must access your life priorities with the people and activities that count the most to you. Distinguish your needs from your wants. Check your behavior. The idea is to give yourself enough time to explore your new possibility. In a word; SIMPLIFY. Spend less on frills. Ease the pressure of feeling stuck at a dissatisfying job just for the money. Consider the idea of working part-time at a job as you start making money from your dream. Become more excited about the lasting riches of creativity, peace, and fulfillment rather than going to the mall.

Do not underestimate the value of the jobs you do along the way. When you reflect back on the sequence of events in your life you can see how one thing leads to another. Perhaps a particular job is just what you need in order to develop skills that can be applied down the road, such as people skills, computer skills, and organizational skills. Ask yourself, “What can I bring to this job and what can I learn from it?”

ENJOYING THE PROCESS – The old adage, “time flies when you’re having fun” becomes your reality when you are living your dream. You lose track of time as you lose yourself in your labor of love. Take the deadline pressure off of yourself. There are success stories at all ages. Remember that some of the greatest “overnight successes” in the world spent a decade or two to get there.

PREPARING FOR THE CHANGES – Because fulfillment of new dreams brings change and personal growth our doubts and fears begin to surface. Rather than deny the fear become familiar with it. Try using the “hello” technique with any uncomfortable feelings. Say to yourself, “Hello Fear. I acknowledge your presence I know what I want is good for me. I am moving forward anyway.” Be honest with yourself, feel your feelings and pray for courage. This will help put things in perspective.

Visualization is a powerful tool used by successful people in every field. Take time to focus your attention on the screen of your mind and imagine yourself “as you would like to be”. This technique of mentally “preparing” programs your entire being for the new experience, so that when it actually happens to you it feels natural.

You are on your way. Know that as you develop the habit now of following through on the smallest of creative ideas your big dream will be less overwhelming. Begin imagining yourself there now. Rejoice in the success and beauty of others. Oh! One more suggestion – have a dream beyond your dream just to keep those soul-fires burning brightly with your enthusiasm!

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